Updated binaries hint that Google could yet bring Android L to older Nexus devices

by tech on June 30, 2014

Don’t be upset if you have an older Nexus device and can’t run Android L, the newest developer preview version. While you can always use the Android emulator to get taste of the new software, Google recently updated the binaries for older Nexus devices, indicating that Android L builds for them may be coming soon.

SlashGear caught sight of this development in a Google+ group for Android L Development, where group member Vova Viner spotted the updated binaries. Dated June 27, updated binaries appear for the older 2012 Nexus 7 tablet, the larger Nexus 10 slate and the Nexus 4 handset:

android binaries


These files are typically updated with proprietary hardware drivers so that the Android images work properly. While there’s no guarantee that Google will create Android L images for the older Nexus devices, this is a step in the process, which is a good sign.

I realize that Google may want all of its developers to have the latest and greatest Nexus devices to create apps but the reality is that’s not a reasonable expectation due to budget constraints. Hopefully, Android L comes to these older devices for that reason, and of course for the Android enthusiasts that are still using an older Nexus phone or tablet.

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