Sponsored post: Attribution: It’s all about the journey

by tech on June 30, 2014

Attribution is an important part of performance-based marketing. Advertisers need to be able to attribute specific actions — such as downloads, subscriptions and sales — to their sources so the affiliate partners most influential in driving results for their campaigns can be rewarded. But for too long, the industry has been inaccurately measuring this important metric, focusing solely on the first and last click.

To illustrate this point, here’s a useful analogy: Imagine you’ve been traveling all day to reach a tropical vacation destination and that you’ve just arrived at your hotel suite. Which mode of transportation was most critical to getting you to your final location? It’s unlikely that’d you’d choose the ride to the airport or the cab to the hotel over the flight. Yet when it comes to performance marketing attribution, the first and last customer touch points often carry disproportionate weight. In today’s complex, multi-channel digital world, this doesn’t make sense. It’s vital to understand the entire journey that leads to a conversion, as well as the specific value delivered by each connection along the way.

CAKE’s multi-channel hub is all about the customer journey — focusing on tracking marketing spend from first click to final sale and every stop in between. Our SaaS-based solution makes it easy to capture and optimize the granular data needed to attribute every consumer action to its source.

Interested in learning more? Sign up for the July 8 webinar, “Customer journey: acquisition to renewal,” hosted by CAKE, Marketo and Tealium.

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