Spying malware leaves countries' energy grids open to attack

Cyberwarfare campaigns against Western energy grids aren’t just the stuff of action movies these days — they’re very, very real. Symantec has discovered a likely state-sponsored hacking group, nicknamed Dragonfly, that has been using phishing sites… Powered by WPeMatico

In the skies, cutting edge tech seeks to answer key questions on the changing climate

Scientists and governments around the world are leaning on the latest tech advances when it comes to gathering information on high — from drones to satellite and rocket systems to big data tools — to fill in the gaps in knowledge around the planet’s changing climate. The trend is being pushed not just by cheaper ...

Yahoo is reviving Community with a new 6th season

Cult TV comedy Community is getting a second chance after all: Yahoo has ordered a complete sixth season of the show, which will be distributed through the company’s Yahoo Screen video service. The new season of Community will feature all regular actors of the show. Yahoo will be showing 13 episodes, which will presumably be ...

How new chat tools will dominate collaboration in the workplace

There are several drivers for the adoption of chat-influenced conversational tools and their replacement of less-conversational communication tools, and their rise will affect the enterprise-collaboration space in a number of ways. Table of Contents Powered by WPeMatico

San Francisco, San Jose combine their Wi-Fi networks using Hotspot 2.0

The cities of San Francisco and San Jose are merging their two municipal Wi-Fi networks; at least on the virtual level. The two cities are using a new technology — Hotspot 2.0 — to let smartphones automatically connect and roam between their two networks as well as provide a layer of security on what wouldn’t ...

Here’s why we should be celebrating the rise of robot journalism instead of criticizing it

Ever since companies like Narrative Science started to become more well-known outside of data-science and machine-learning circles, journalists and fans of traditional media have expressed concern that robots — or rather, content-authoring software that is powered by algorithms — might someday take over the duties of real journalists. In fact, that’s been happening fairly steadily ...

Bitcoin price jumps six percent as US Marshals’ auction comes to a close

It’s after 5 p.m. ET in New York, which means winners of the auction of seized Silk Road bitcoins conducted by the U.S. Marshals Service are starting to be notified. There were nine blocks of 3,000 bitcoins up for grabs as well as one block of 2,656.51306529. The bitcoin total, 29,656.51306529 coins, is worth about ...

'Community' revived for a sixth season on Yahoo Screen

Six seasons and a movie. That’s what fans of Community want, and they’re very close to getting it. NBC cancelled Dan Harmon’s comedy after its fifth season on the network, but now Yahoo has announced it’s commissioned a new 13-episode season. There… Powered by WPeMatico

Amazon Fire TV bug provides another reason why data caps are anti-consumer

As Comcast sets itself up to merge with Time Warner Cable’s broadband subscribers, which could result in almost four out of five US broadband subscribers getting some kind of data cap, an Amazon Fire TV user just provided us with yet another reason why caps are so problematic for the average person. As my colleague ...

​NASA's next satellite wants to know where all our carbon dioxide is going

Scientists have a pretty good idea what man-made greenhouse gasses are doing in our upper atmosphere, but not all of humanity’s emissions stay up there. A good deal of that gas floats back down to Earth, seeping into the world’s oceans and being… Powered by WPeMatico